Top 5 Digital Camera Memory Cards

Lexar 4 GB Professional Series 133X CompactFlash Card with Write Acceleration

Both the storage and the speed impress with this card, which features a 133x write speed. With 4GB of storage, it’s also sure to hold plenty of pictures, even for digital SLR users.

U.S. Modular Secure Digital 4GB Extra High Speed 120X Secure Digital Card

For such a little thing, it’s amazing what this card does. For digital camera owners with cameras that use Secure Digital, the cards have come a long way on storage capacity. This 4GB card stashes lots of pictures, while writing at a swift 120x speed.

Sony 2GB Memory Stick High Speed PRO Media

With 2GB of storage, this memory card by Sony can write up to 80 megabits per second. For Memory Stick users, this is a great choice.

Hitachi 6 GB Microdrive High-Capacity Ultra-Miniature Hard Drive

Wow! With 6GB of storage, this is the big mama of all memory cards on the market today. It can store pictures at a rate of 9.4 megabits per second, and it is compatible with CompactFlash drives on digital cameras.

FujiFilm 1 GB xD Memory Card

This is one of the smallest memory cards, yet you can still store a heavy picture load with this high-capacity, high-speed xD memory card.

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  1. Great information here. Thanks for all your work.

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