Top 5 Cell Phones On The Market

Sidekick 3

     The Sidekick 3 features a great deal of features such as: a built-in flashlight, a megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Motorola V360

    The Motorola V360 features Bluetooth, a hands-free speaker as well as EDGE high speed wireless data. 

Sanyo Katana

The Sanyo KATANA has Bluetooth and a built-in speakerphone.

Nokia N90

The Nokia N90 includes many a feature including: a camera with megapixel resolution, Bluetooth connectivity, a full QWERTY keyboard and speakerphone mode

Lg vx9800

The LG vx9800 sports a great deal of features such as: a full keyboard, a hands-free speaker, broadband high speed EV-DO and a megapixel camera

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One Comment on “Top 5 Cell Phones On The Market”

  1. Tammy Castor Says:

    Hi I am the Director of Campus Safety at College of the Canyons. March 29, 2007 one of my officers copied an article off of your website called “Top 50 Emergency Uses for Your Camera Phone”. I teach a free self defense class at the college and would like to know if I can make copies of this article and pass it out to the students, staff and community that attend my class. Thank you.

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