Top 5 Headphones

Shure Personal Audio E4c Earphones

Sometimes you want the best money can buy. If this is the case, the Shure E4c is worth checking out. It incorporates components developed for professional musicians to pump out sweet music and other audio in a sound isolated bubble. It has an in-ear design, high end sound driver and advanced bass boost technology. It also has a personal fit kit to create a securer fit in your inner ear by using several types of sleeves which can seal out background noises. The total weight is just over an ounce.


Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

The HD280 Pro from Sennheiser is the type of comfortable, full sized headphones you put on to forget about the world around you. The closed, earcup design is used by professionals in studios or at home by audiophiles. It offers nice linear sound reproduction and delivers great sound range, especially in the mid to upper areas. The HD280 Pro is well built and features a space saving design with collapsible earcups. It weighs around 10 ounces. Sony

MDR-IF540RK Headphones

Sony’s MDR-IF540RK headphones use wireless technology to help you move up to 20 feet away from your music source. They provide a good sound for the price, with all ranges providing a quality listening experience. The headphones feature built in rechargeable batteries and sit on a recharging stand when not in use. The stand also plugs into the sound source and acts as the transmitter. Volume control is built into the side of the headphones, eliminating the need to move from the sofa.

Sennheiser PXC250 Headphones

The Sennheiser PXC250 headphones offer as their main claim to fame a quality noise-canceling feature. This mini-stereo headphone design uses a special noise compensation technology to help block out ambient noise, even in noisy environments. The headphones can fold and flip and are easily storable in a provided travel pouch. The PXC250 uses two AAA batteries for the noise reduction feature, offers a closed ear design and weighs just over two ounces. 

Sony MDR-EX71 Fontopia Earbuds

On the more casual side of headphones, the Sony MDR-EX71 is a nice one to check out for good sound to the dollar. They deliver a good listening experience, especially on the bass. Their small size makes them nice to pair with your favorite MP3 player. The earbuds are made of soft silicon, which makes them comfortable for longer listening via the in-ear design. Three different sizes of earbuds help to provide a more customized fit. A hard carrying case is provided for the 0.1 ounce headphones.

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