Top 5 Palm OS Handheld Computers

1) Palm Treo 650

Looking for a cellphone with PDA features? How about a PDA with cellphone features? Then you’ll definitely want to take a peek at the Treo 650. The Treo 650 from Palm is the follow-up to highly popular Treo 600 with some important feature upgrades

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

The LifeDrive is the first PDA from Palm with a built-in 4GB hard drive. Also includes both 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless. This PDA is great for multimedia and will fit the needs of most PDA users.

Palm T|X

The Palm T|X is a pretty loaded PDA. The Palm T|X is powered by a 312 MHz Intel XScale processor, 128MB RAM, and both 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless.

Palm Tungsten E2

Looking for a reasonably priced, color PDA? The Tungsten E2 is a good starter PDA with Palm OS , a 200MHz processor, and 32MB of RAM.

 palmOne Tungsten T5

Next in the line of Tungsten Ts, the T5 has a 320×480 screen, Palm OS v5.4, a 416MHz processor, 256MB RAM, and built-in Bluetooth. Overall a nice PDA, but not as many features as we expected from the follow-up of the Tungsten T3

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