Top 5 Pocket PC Handheld Computers

 Dell Axim X51v 

     The Dell Axim X51v was the first PDA with Windows Mobile 2005. Features includes a 624MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, and both 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless

HP iPaq rx3715

With a 400MHz processor and 152 MB RAM, the rx3715 is presented as a multimedia device and does a great job. Comes with a built-in 1.2 MP camera. 

Asus MyPal A730W

The feature rich A730 comes with a VGA screen, a 520 MHz processor,Both Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and Windows Mobile 2003 SE. 

HP iPAQ hx4705

The hx4705 is geared towards the business user. Comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 SE and a fast 624 MHz processor. Also includes 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless. 

Garmin iQue M5

The Garmin iQue M5 was the first Pocket PC PDA with built-in GPS. Runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE and functions great as both a PDA and a GPS device.

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