Top MainStream Laptops

Apple MacBook Pro (15.4-inch 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) 

 If you’ve been holding off on making the leap to a MacBook because of the lack of Core 2 Duo processors, this new update adds the latest Intel CPUs and provides a great overall computing experience, albeit at a premium price. 

Velocity Micro NoteMagix L80 Ultra 

While not as impressive as Velocity Micro’s desktop systems, the NoteMagix L80 Ultra is still a reasonably priced alternative to high-end Dell and Alienware laptops. Gateway M285-E  

Gateway’s M285-E convertible tablet can easily serve double duty as your main PC, but its size and weight makes it hard to use as a full-time tablet. 

Dell Inspiron E1505 

  The Dell Inspiron E1505 makes a good basic home or small-business laptop and has a solid set of multimedia capabilities, though comparable models can be found at slightly lower price points

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