2006 In Review…

Top Portable Video Players (PVP)

Archos AV500 Mobile DVR (30GB) 

 The Archos AV500 has a nice wide-screen LCD with great viewing angles yet is compact enough to fit in a pocket. It supports PlaysForSure audio and video and has superb audio quality, and with it, you can record audio and video from external sources, including TV at scheduled times. The AV500 also has excellent battery life and a good printed manual, and with the included plug-in, it will work 

Toshiba Gigabeat S MES30VW

The Toshiba Gigabeat S makes its mark as a supercompact 30GB or 60GB portable video player. It supports many music, video, and photo file types, including subscription services, and it has a bevy of features, such as an FM tuner and support for digital camera transfers. Best of all, the device is completely intuitive, thanks in part to an improved Portable Media Center operating system, and it boasts excellent sound performance 

Archos 504 (80GB)

 The Archos 504 is available in 40GB, 80GB, and 160GB capacities; gorgeous 4.3-inch wide screen; a decent choice of accessory options; can record audio and video with the optional kit; has a removable battery; nice tactile controls and sophisticated interface; lets you view photos and listen to music simultaneously; compatible with subscription services and a variety of video formats; excellent photo viewer; decent rated battery life 

Archos 404 (30GB) 

 The aggressively priced Archos 404 combines a 3.5-inch screen with a supercompact body; it’s a video, music (including subscriptions), and photo player with the ability to record line-in audio and video with optional adapters; good voice recorder; improved GUI; excellent video controls and photo playback features 

Cowon A2 (30GB) 

 The Cowon A2 portable video player has a bright, crisp 4-inch wide-screen LCD as well as a clean, visually appealing form factor and interface. It’s a performer with an excellent FM radio, great sound and recording quality, and long battery life. It supports a multitude of audio and video formats and serves as a voice recorder, a zoomable photo viewer, and a PVR. Finally, it conveniently uses an A/V line-in cable, rather than a hub, for recording audio and video.

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