Top 10 Best Stereo Systems Under $600

Today, we focus on the Best Stereo Systems Under $600. There are many options available for the buyer looking for the best stereo systems under $600. Features like multi-disc changers, equalizers, and the ability to play a multitude of digital formats make these devices very formidable. Sound quality is now not only credible, but in many cases, very good, rivaling that of some full-size units.

1) JVC EA-X1 Mini-System


Outstanding! The features offered in this mini-system are too numerous to mention, but one of the coolest is the material used to make the speaker’s driver cone: Wood. Used in many musical instruments, wood is has superior acoustic characteristics not found in most other materials. The EA-X1 offers 30 watts per channel, the ability to play CDs, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, and MP3 among others. Oh, and it sounds great too.




2) Nakamichi SS-1 Mini System

The SS-1 system is composed of a CD player and a pair of speakers, each approximate 7″ square and about 3″ deep. Capable of wall mounting, using the built-in keyhole slots, or proudly display it on a desk or tabletop with the included stand. Either way, you’ll enjoy superb sound. The SS-1 features an audiophile-grade digital-to-analog conversion circuitry more typical of component CD players than micro systems. The built-in amplifier is carefully matched to the speakers for optimum sound.

3) Panasonic SC-PM39D

This is a great stereo system. Panasonic’s SC-PM39D delivers a full range of music playback options. It has a 5-disc changer, cassette deck, AM/FM tuner, plus it plays DVDs. It offers an advanced surround mode that does a good job creating a 3-dimensional surround-like effect from just two speakers. Surprisingly good sound from a mini-system with more functions than a Swiss Army knife. It also offers four EQ-presets so you can tailor the sound to your environment, or mood.


4) Denon D-107 Personal Component System

 A wonderful system, in such tough company that it comes in FOURTH! Absolutely amazing sound with legendary Denon quality. This is great audio gear and looks like a work of art. Offering a slot-loading CD-player system with two 20-watt speakers and a subwoofer that looks too beautiful to hide. The system can be mounted on a wall, and comes with a stand to mount on a table. The D-107 handles any kind of CD, and when playing home-recorded MP3s, it displays artist, title and album info. Very nice!

5) JVC FS-S77 Mini System

 This unit offers all your home entertainment from one compact system. The dorm rooms and other places where space is tight, the 5-disc FS-S77 from JVC offers a wide range of playback options. Great sound for the stereo buff, plus the ability to connect the system up to your television and enjoy DVD movies in vivid detail. It also offers a simulated surround sound. Primarily a home theater box, this is a great home stereo unit as well.



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