Sirius S50 Satellite Radio/MP3 Player

SIRIUS helped transform the way we listen to radio, and now they’re transforming the way we listen to SIRIUS itself with the S50 satellite radio/MP3 player, a wildly innovative blend of features that’ll make your listening experience more rewarding. When docked in its cradle, it plays live SIRIUS broadcasts, captures SIRIUS content, and lets you store and listen to your favorite MP3 or WMA files. With its included accessories, you can play it over your car stereo, or take it with you and listen wherever you go. The S50’s internal memory stores up to 50 hours of content — your favorite SIRIUS programming, your MP3/WMA files, or any combination of the two. When you’re listening to SIRIUS, you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward live broadcasts. And when you want to save content, just press the “Love” button on the cradle — it’s the one marked with a heart.   The included accessories let you use the S50 as a portable player. Charge up the battery with the AC power adapter, slip on the earphones, and check out your digital music files and stored SIRIUS content (the S50 can receive live SIRIUS broadcasts only when docked in its cradle) — the battery provides up to six hours of life. A belt clip is also included.  The bright, legible, full-color screen shows you channel, artist, and song titles on SIRIUS, as well as the names of your digital music files. The S50 is smart, too — it learns which SIRIUS channels you listen to most, then captures content from your favorites and stores them in three different channels, which you listen to anytime you want. To avoid repetition, the S50 plays back the oldest content first.  You’ll also get the accessories you’ll need to play the S50 over your car stereo — a cradle that allows the S50 to receive live SIRIUS broadcasts, a car mount, a DC power adapter, a remote control, and a roof-mount antenna.  

The cradle’s Media Dial makes it super-easy for you to surf through all the great SIRIUS programming and save your favorite content. Voice-assisted navigation announces the name of the channel you’ve just tuned into, so you can find your favorite channels without taking your eyes off the road.  A built-in wireless FM transmitter “broadcasts” the sound over an unused frequency on any FM stereo — there’s no complicated installation process. If your in-dash stereo has an auxiliary input, you can connect the S50 directly to it for even better sound.  You can save 30 channels as presets, plus program the Jump button to take you immediately to your favorite channel. Select your favorite NFL, NHL, and NBA teams in Game Alert, and you’ll be notified whenever they’re playing. A customizable sports ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen, keeping you up-to-date on the latest action.  Coming soon are an optional home kit that lets you listen to the S50 over your home stereo, and a desktop/wall-mountable Executive Powered Speaker System, which acts as a handy boombox.

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