EXCLUSIVE: Tangled Wires Blog Goes T.V.

We are extremely pleased to announce the televised debut of Tangled Wires.

Series Premier:
Saturday, March 31, 2007
@5:00pm EST
Exclusive to Brooklyn – Time Warner (Channel 34) and Cablevision (Channel 67)

Tangled Wires originally began as a blog designed to educate consumers on the latest in technology.  Co-Creators, Kamatika (“Kam”) and Harvey Diamond (“Harvey”) decided to broaden the spectrum and develop this blog into a cutting-edge weekly series which is designed to, not only educate the public on the latest technology, but also music related media, entrepreneurial visions, celebrity updates and much, much more.

Please also make sure to stay tuned for the web launch of


and don’t forget to mark your calendar for the ground-breaking series debut!!!

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One Comment on “EXCLUSIVE: Tangled Wires Blog Goes T.V.

  1. Chevon Says:

    So I really like the show and the website. I am someone who would love to be tech savvy but don’t have much time right now to figure all this stuff out. With a forum such as this, so much is put into perspective. Thanks for giving the community something like this and what’s cool is that it’s free. I also think that after having seen the show that people could use some tips on what wines to drink with their meals. So many people out there (especially minorities) don’t know how or what types of wines to drink with lunch & dinner meal choices. I am a wine drinker (and not just Zinfadel, lol) and tend to know what works, but I am still always open to suggestions……Just a thought for a future episode topic.

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