Harvey Diamond…Blog creator & administrator

Harvey Diamond…Blog creator & administrator

Tangled Wires is a concept developed by Harvey Diamond to enlighten the public on the latest in technology.  Harvey’s a DJ turned tech junky possessing vast consumer/product experience.  Like most of us, his experiments with different electronic products & software saw a mixture from poor to superior.  He became encouraged to create this blog educating consumers before they make that “fatal” purchase and to showcase the “must-haves”.  

Tangled Wires has flourished since it’s debut in September 2006 and is now a site based, more specifically, on music related media (mp3, pda’s, cell phones, etc.) and music (…because he’s still a DJ).  It is now accompanied by a television show and webcast launching in March 2007. 

Enjoy…Stay tuned!!!

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One Comment on “Harvey Diamond…Blog creator & administrator”

  1. Ciara Trotman Says:


    Hey guys! It’s Ciara! The site is fabu! I am so in the dark these days about technology, i have no idea what’s going on out there but thanks to my friends at Tangled Wires, I feel like i can hack into the CIA! Except for one thing – i need a laptop and i have no idea what the deal is! I don’t want to spend more than 600 – 700 on it and i need it to function for my small business and school work. Help!

    — Cici

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