Sony’s Incredible UX Series

Sony’s illustrious history of tiny handhelds dates back to the original GT- and U-series. Industry watchers long expected innovative Sony to posit an impressive entry to this season’s spate of ultra-mobile PCs. But, the new UX-series goes beyond those elevated expectations.

 The Vaio UX-series is a 1.15 pound (520g) Windows Vista machine featuring an Intel Core Solo 1.33ghz processor, every imaginable I/O port (including a port replicator), and a 4.5″ 1024×600 glossy TFT with remarkably high pixel density. In addition to its touchscreen, controls include a slide-out backlit keyboard, mouse controls, magnification, screen capture, and fingerprint reader. Connectivity includes wifi, Bluetooth, and a CF card slot for wireless. (The UX280 and UX390 have no slot but include a Cingular EDGE connection module.) The standard HDD options are 30gb, 40gb, 60gb, or 80gb. Another impressive feat is that Sony has replaced the standard hard drive with 32GB of solid state memory. (If you need more storage, the CF slot is available.) This is an expensive option, but has myriad advantages: it is lighter, extends the battery life, meaningfully improves boot time and system speed, and is much less prone to data loss due to physical damage. This is a great solution for organizations that need durable portability. Once you have used this, it is obvious that someday soon (once price goes down and size goes up) we will all be using solid state on all our HDDs.

The UX-series is Skype- and videoconference-ready, with a 360k pixel camera facing the user. And, it is ideal for blogging and video capture, thanks to its second (1.3-megapixel) camera facing outward.

The Sony UX is an incredibly exciting ultraportable PC (uPC). Like all our products, the UX-series from Dynamism includes our rescue warranty service and unlimited toll-free tech support. These extras, backed by our nine-year track record of satisfied customers and fast global delivery, make Dynamism the compelling choice for all your uPC purchases.

  Dynamism Lifestyle -If you plan to do a significant amount of typing, go for the optional, external Bluetooth keyboard (made by Stowaway). It folds up to a remarkably small size, is easy to carry along with the UX, and is very comfortable to type on when unfolded. Its stand even supports the UX at the right angle for typing.-If you do anything that is mission critical (like financial services), it’s good idea to have redundancy. You don’t want a virus to hit when you’re trying to sell those in-the-money options on the third Friday of the month. Never, ever travel without a backup PC and your mission critical software already installed. The UX is so tiny you can throw it in your bag and (hopefully) forget about it. *(Please note Dynamism Lifestyle tips may include programs or hardware that are not included with this item, and you may incur additional charge for their purchase/usage.)

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