Gamepark GP2X

This is an outstanding handheld entertainment device. It plays video games (including many of your long time favorites), movies, music, displays photos, and even e-books. The GP2X keeps life simple because it supports all major media formats. It is well-designed and fits your hand comfortably. It has TV-out, so you can play games or watch movies on your plasma, as well as the internal screen; the GP2X even resizes video for best fit automatically.

There is 64mb of internal memory, and an integrated SD-slot (2gb SD cards are available separately). The thing that really sets the Gamepark apart is the company’s embrace of the open source community. There is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to available software–for example, the GPL Quake engine has already been released and is free. (Click here for an extensive, and growing, list of available software. Developers note: the GP2X runs LINUX; compilers/SDKs are freely available and more information can be found at the GP2X Developers’ Wiki

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4 Comments on “Gamepark GP2X”

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