Sharp Zaurus SL C3200

The Sharp
Zaurus SL-C3200 is the sixth generation of the groundbreaking SL-C line of LINUX-based PDAs. The internal 6gb drive offers unparalleled storage (for a PDA) and opens up myriad new options–including using the Zaurus as a portable media player. The C3200 has has both compact flash and SD slots. And, since the Zaurus’s HDD is plug-n-play recognized by Windows, moving data is by USB 2.0 connection is fast and easy.

Sharp is a display technology leader, and the Zaurus uses a 3.7″ VGA (640×480) screen that is truly awesome: bright and razor sharp. And there’s a built-in zoom function that allows you to zoom the screen in five increments. Each step is larger than the previous, but none suffers any loss of quality. The screen’s orientation automatically adjusts when swiveled. It’s a very impressive design. (There’s even an optional VGA-out connection, intended for people who want to use the Zaurus to give presentations.)

The swiveling screen transforms the shape of the Zaurus from PDA-style to laptop-style. (The  fully-functional either way.) Once in laptop-style, you can utilize the QWERTY keyboard, with its great tactile feedback.Other technical specs include an Intel XScale PXA270 processor (416mhz), 64mb RAM, and 128mb flash
ROM. The two slots (1 CF, 1 SD) are I/O, so they support wireless connectivity (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). There is a stereo-out for MP3 playback. The Zaurus SL-C3200 measures 4.9×3.4×1.0 inches (124x87x25mm), and weighs 0.65 pounds (298g).

Included Software:
The Zaurus SL-Series is a LINUX-based PDA. The Zaurus comes with the following pre-installed software: HancomWord (for .doc), HancomSheet (for .xls), Email, Calculator, World Time, terminal window, Image viewer (for .jpg, .bmp, .gif), Media player (for .MP3), NetFront browser, Text editor (for .txt), ToDo list, telnet, English handwriting recognition and keyboard input methods. The Zaurus OS has been approximately 97% converted from Japanese to English, so some incidental pull-down menus are not readable.

Backward compatibility:
Zaurus SL-C7xx and 8xx programs are compatible with the SL-C3xxx. Most of the Zaurus SL-5500 programs that have been tested on the SL-Series series work. The Zaurus will step down to 240×320 for older programs. 

The Zaurus uses Samba connection via USB, so the machine will show up as a network device under Windows XP. MS Outlook synchronization is not included with the Zaurus. However, Outlook sync can be set up by the user.

 Other info:
The GUI (graphic user interface) shown in the photos is one of a several GUI options.

Warranty and Support:
The Zaurus includes unlimited technical support from Dynamism. This Zaurus model is sold only by Sharp
Japan (in Japan), and is not supported by Sharp USA in any way. The product includes a 1-year Fedex-rescue service warranty. If you have a hardware failure within the one-year period, Dynamism will pay for Fedex return of your PDA to Japan for repair, and Fedex return shipping to you. (User-inflicted damage is not included.)


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