The Raon EVERUN…

Dynamism is pleased to announce the Everun from Raon, makers of the Vega. The Everun offers an array of mobile features in an ultraportable package–all at a great price. The device measures only 6.7 x 3.3 x 0.9 in (170 x 83 x 25 mm) and weighs 1.01-1.10 pounds (460-500g). Prices start at just $699 for the basic spec.  

The Everun is so named because it achieves remarkable battery life of 7 hours (standard battery) or 12 hours (enhanced battery, +0.22 lb / 100g). Even halving these ideal manufacturer times with real-world use in mind, the device offers you a realistic one-charge-per-day experience. It’s a great summer accessory for keeping up on your stocksproperties and checking emails over an iced coffee at the local café. (The Everun has integrated wifi and Bluetooth.)

 One innovation that helps lengthen battery life and protect your data is the solid state hard drive. The Everun can be purchased with a 6gb SSD, 60gb standard HDD, or both. Another cost and power-saver is the low voltage AMD LX900 600mhz processor. (Complemented by 512mb [1gb MAX RAM].) This is not a machine for Quake, but it runs Windows XP Home and Office applications quite sufficiently.  The Everun features a QWERTY keyboard on the right of the screen, and function keys on the left. The device works in portrait or landscape mode, with easy screen rotation. (The keys are labeled at an angle to make them easier to read regardless of which orientation you use.) Navigate using the 4.8″ wide aspect ratio 800×480 touchscreen or the integrated optical touchmouse and navigation key.  The Everun puts the popular aspects of the Vega in a much more elegant package and adds great mobility features like battery life, keyboard, and connectivity while keeping the same low price point. This is a great toy or tool for a mobile lifestyle.


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