The Archos TV Plus

Archos is planning on releasing a set top DVR media player to compete directly with Apple TV and other TV media boxes. The box will come in either 80GB or 250GB sizes and be priced at $200 and $350, respectively. You’ll get an assortment of all the inputs and outputs you need: component, composite, and S-video ins as well as outs. Additionally you get HDMI out, but don’t expect anything spectacular: the TV Plus will only record at standard TV resolutions (VGA) but will output 720p with downloaded and streamed content from your PC.      

When I got a chance to check out the TV Plus, it was just an empty box so not all of the details are available at this time. From what I gathered, though, the TV Plus is more or less a set top box version of Archos’ Generation 5 line of PMPs with similar functionality. Be sure to check out my hands-on of the Generation 5 PMPs 

You can expect to see more of this media player sometime this fall along with a slick QWERTY remote control for comfortable media library and Internet browsing.

By: Grahm Skee


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