I Personally Love This Unit. True Portable Sound

The Cambridge Model Twelve Portable Music System has won the admiration and affection of many of the world’s top musicians. We at Cambridge SoundWorks are honored that the very artists we listen to ourselves are so enthusiastic about our product.


One of the Model Twelve’s biggest fans and supporters is Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac. Mick has been using the Model Twelve for several years, taking it on tour and on vacation, as well as using it at home. For Mick, the Model Twelve is pure listening enjoyment. In fact, his respect for the Model Twelve is so great, we decided to make it his own.

 Here is what Mick has to say: “I have always been impressed with the quality of the system and the incredible sound that comes from this small package. When Fleetwood Mac finished recording ‘Say You Will,’ the band members each had the responsibility of suggesting a running order for the songs on the final CD. At that time, I traveled to my home on Maui where I set to the task by spending many hours listening to the sample mixes on my Model Twelve. “Another brilliant thing about the Model Twelve is its versatility. I use this system in many different ways. For starters, I rarely leave for the road without the unit and a portable CD player so I have quality sound wherever I am. Not only do I use the Model Twelve when I travel, but I also use it in my home office for listening enjoyment and as a sound system for my computer.” “When the people at Cambridge SoundWorks asked if I’d lend my support to this product, I was honored that they wanted to rename it the Mick Fleetwood Signature™ Model Twelve. I truly believe this is a brilliant and innovative system and indispensable for those who really love their music.

The Mick Fleetwood Signature™ Model Twelve is the ultimate multimedia system for your MP3 or portable CD player. It’s amplified subwoofer/satellite speaker system with a difference-the BassCase™ subwoofer enclosure, which also includes a handy carrying case for the complete system, and has space for a portable music source. No other self-contained, portable music system combines such accurate, wide-range sound-quality in a package that’s small enough to fit under an airline seat.  

The Model Twelve’s two-way satellites provide integral speaker cable management for easy packing and unpacking. The sturdy BassCase and proprietary bass driver combine for a deep, powerful low-end unparalleled by other portable speaker systems. The Model Twelve offers carefully fine-tuned octave-to-octave balance for smooth, uncolored upper, mid-range and high-end while also providing wide dispersion. The compact amplifier unit has three selectable inputs as well as bass, treble and balance controls, a headphone jack and record outputs. The Model Twelve operates on 110V AC or 12V DC for home or mobile use (12-volt adapter is included.) For those who want to travel overseas with the MD12 there is a universal 100V to 240V AC adaptor available.


“Model Twelve is unquestionably the finest computer-related sound system we have yet to hear, and its portability makes this Editor’s Choice winner that much more attractive.” PC Magazine

“Even demanding listeners can now live out of a suitcase- literally.” The New York Times

“The clarity at high volume dwarfs any portable unit. It is a high-tech wonder.” Village Voice

“A true high-fidelity component system that can hold its own with others many times its price…the maximum volume is as impressive as its quality…it has no equal.” Stereo Review

“It will blow your flip-flops off.” Rolling Stone

“This may be the most exciting design in portable stereo systems since 1976. If you rent a summer place on weekends, it’s the perfect way to ensure an uninterrupted supply of tunes.” CREEM

“How did it sound? In a word, great.” Home & Studio Recording

Cambridge SoundWorks’ Model Twelve sounds better than any portable has a right to… The build quality is typical Cambridge: solid and substantial without a trace of cheesiness… I quickly reached the conclusion that this setup is probably superior to most people’s primary hi-fi system, but the real beauty is that it’ll painlessly bring this same living-room performance to the office, the vacation house, or even the car.” Digital Home Entertainment, Summer 2000

“The Model Twelve, a home-audio–quality speaker system, integrates a 6.5-inch woofer and comes in a hard, black shell the size of a trumpet case. Inside are two removable satellite speakers, a freestanding amplifier, and room for cables and a portable CD player. After hours, the Model Twelve makes a great speaker system for frequent travelers (even Lou Reed and Phil Collins each carry one).” – More of My Favorite Things

by Bill Howard, PC Magazine

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