Bang & Olufson Beosound 6…The $800 4GB MP3 Player

I don’t know much about Bang & Olufson, nor have I had any direct experience with them. From what I am told B&O is a brand of audio gear that is for people that have more money than brains. Please, alleged audiophiles, let me finish… 

Enter the Beosound 6… This $800 MP3 player will sport a single capacity of 4GBs of flash memory with a 1.8” 64k color LCD screen to boot. Now here is where the notion of a true upper echelon audiophile grade MP3 player falls apart- file support for MP3 and WMA. No FLAC, no Apple Lossless, no WMA Lossless. Well you do get a pair of $160 M8 earphones and a leather case. 

This is not B&O’s first foray into portable audio. Don’t forget about the memoryless and screenless Beosound 2 that retailed for $500.

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