JazzMutant’s multitouch music controller

Before Apple came along and integrated multitouch-screen technology into the iPhone, one of the first companies to weave multitouch into a commercial product was a boutique music controller company named JazzMutant. Their first product, the Lemur, was an extremely niche (and pricey) product that allowed musicians to use the Lemur’s suite of touch-screen tools to play and tweak their music. You know its cool if Bjork takes it out on tour.¬†

Dexter, JazzMutant’s latest product, promises to bring multitouch technology to a wider audience. Released just a few days ago, Dexter is aimed at recording studio engineers and music remixers looking for a unique, and hopefully more efficient replacement for a mixing board. If the demo video is any indication, at least it bestows onto its user the design appeal of a Star Trek: TNG control panel. Price looks to be around $3,600. Ouch.

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3 Comments on “JazzMutant’s multitouch music controller”

  1. KC Lau Says:

    This is a master piece. I dream to have something like that. Convert it to Malaysian currency it costs over RM10,000. This is equivalent to a clerk’s annual salary. Too expensive!

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