Toshiba’s latest slim tablet

Convertible tablet PCs always get a lot of attention, even if we don’t know anyone who actually uses one. It’s not surprising–in a world of commodity products, where one gray laptop looks much like the next, having a swiveling touch screen is at least something a bit different, even if you’re not one of the handful of media professionals, note-taking students, or graphic artists who actually need the dual tablet and laptop modes of one of these systems.


Toshiba unveiled a new tablet this Monday, the company’s first Tablet PC to incorporate a touch-screen LED-backlit display. The Portege M700 offers a 12.1-inch screen, both fingertip and active stylus control, and an LED backlit display (which are generally thinner and lighter than traditional laptop screens) with an anti-glare coating, suitable for outdoor use. We were very fond of Toshiba’s R400 tablet, released in January of 2007, and unlike that model, this new tablet offers a swappable drive bay, which can be used for an optical drive, extra hard drive, or nothing at all, to cut down on weight. 

 Toshiba’s default configuration includes an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard drive for $1,799 (or $1,699 for a 1GB version with Windows XP). If you’re itching to buy a new convertible tablet, online rumors say Dell’s new tablet will also debut this week, so stay tuned.


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