Microsoft repairs Xbox 360 five times, refuses to replace it

This has got to be a record.  A certain Xbox 360 owner has had his Xbox 360 repaired five times by Microsoft and it is still not working properly.  The company is supposed to replace any Xbox 360 after the fourth repair attempt but that did not happen.  This is the story of “Greg” and his attempts to get his Xbox 360 repaired.


After the fifth repair which occurred on January 2nd, the unit lasted for 11 days and has been out of service for a total of 12 weeks.  He would like a refurbished unit, new unit or just a plain refund but Microsoft is happy enough keeping him in the repair cycle.

He says that his family can’t play video games or watch DVDs.  What’s worse is that he purchased the HD-DVD add-on and “dozens” of HD-DVD titles as well as some Live content, all of which is now useless to him.


While the HD-DVD titles and Live content is now worthless, it’s a little hard to believe that his family doesn’t have a cheap $35 DVD player lying around, somewhere.  If not, it won’t break the bank to buy a DVD player to fill the interim.





The Consumerist has a timeline of events which goes like this,

1. He bought an Xbox 360 and an extended warranty in early 2007.

2. It was defective, so he called 800-4-MY-XBOX and arranged to have it repaired.

3. Three weeks later the console was returned in working order.

4. It broke down again.

5. Repeat steps 2 & 3.

6. He bought the HD DVD player add-on and began buying HD DVD movies.

7. It broke down a third time.

8. Repeat steps 2 & 3.

9. On November 28th 2007 it broke down a fourth time.

10. “Paul” at Microsoft says, “that since this is my fourth broken xbox that a supervisor needs to talk to me so that I can get a new console instead of another refurbished one. Paul promised a callback between 5-8pm on the 29th. He recorded my new phone number and address.”

11. Nobody calls.

12. Greg calls Microsoft and talks to a woman who says Paul must have been from a different country, “perhaps Canada she thought,” and they do things differently there. She says her supervisor says no deal on the new Xbox. Greg discovers that his account has no record of his conversation with Paul or his new contact info. She says someone will call him back.

13. Nobody calls him back.

14. Greg calls again and speaks to “Kim,” who says a supervisor tried to call but Greg’s phone number was disconnected. There’s no record of his call from the day before or his new contact info.

15. “Eventually” someone named “Jessica” contacts him and arranges for the fourth repair. He receives his Xbox 360 in working order “a few days before Christmas.”

16. On January 2nd, it breaks down for the fifth time.

Certainly at this point it is cheaper for Microsoft to just replace the console than to keep attempting a “repair.”  It’s also not clear what series of Xbox 360 this was but clearly whatever “repairs” that have been done, have not worked.  Do the right thing, Microsoft, just replace it.  If the company continues to refuse there’s always the law.


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