Price cut rumors for Xbox 360 and PS3 – Wii already cheap enough

There have been some unsubstantiated, yet insistent rumours of price cuts for both the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 over the past week. Whether any of them are true or not, it poses the question of how the pricing strategy of all three major consoles is affecting sales.

There’s been talk of price cuts for the PS3 this week, which are rumoured to be announced on January 28th. Most of these were in Internet forums, so can be taken with a pinch of salt. It would make sense however, for Sony to try and increase the momentum for PS3 by cutting the price to a more affordable level.

If the white PS3, which up to now has been a Japanese exclusive, does indeed get released in the US, and Europe, then a price cut to coincide with that would seem entirely feasible, or even likely.


We also know that the price of manufacturing each Playstation 3 has dropped substantially, almost being cut in half from $800 at launch, to nearer $400 now. Although that means the rumoured retail price cut to $299 would still see Sony losing money on each console sold, it certainly makes it more of a possibility.

The Xbox 360 has also been the subject of price cut rumours, this time from an “unnamed source”, which depending on your point of view either means an industry insider who is leaking sensitive information, or just some nut who wants to spread unfounded rumours, and has realised a great way to do it.

The unnamed tipster is claiming that Microsoft are planning on a $49 price cut to coincide with the release of GTA IV. Again, that does make perfect sense, as there are literally millions of GTA fans who will want to jump generation in order to play the next instalment of their favourite franchise.


As for the Wii, well no rumours there, but why would there be when demand is still outstripping supply by a fair margin. In fact, Nintendo could probably push the recommended retail price up a bit and still sell more than they can manufacture.

At the moment, these price cuts are mere rumours, and until Sony or Microsoft confirm them, I’d take them with a huge pinch of salt. You can, however, guarantee that both consoles will see a price drop at some point during 2008. It’s more a case of when, not if.



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