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Sharp’s home theater in a stand

February 7, 2008

If all-in-one PCs and TVs are the way of the future, their stands may be following suit. Cabinet racks with integrated speakers have become almost standard fare from the likes of Sony, Yamaha, and Evesham. And now Sharp is throwing its hat into the ring too. 

The Aquos Audio AN-ACD2 touts itself as a home theater built into a multimedia stand. The system features a 2.1-channel receiver and supposedly produces 150 watts of sound, according to Akihabara News.

Its $892 cost may seem a bit on the high side, but it could be a lot worse. Flatlift’s “diamond dust” stand goes for $142,000, and it doesn’t even have speakers.


The Most Boring $35,000 Speakers Eever!!!!!

September 12, 2007

Considering all the interesting forms that loudspeakers can and do take, the latest pair from Snell is almost inexcusably boring. Then again, this is the same company that has deliberately tried to conceal other products, so maybe it’s just not interested in appearances.

Electronic House gushes over the Reference Tower A7 Loudspeaker’s “dual 5.25-inch magnesium midranges mounted over and under a silk dome tweeter, combined with twin 10-inch long-throw woofers for exceptional smoothness and dynamic range.” Still, at a price of $35,000, one might expect a little more effort applied to the aesthetic factor. Instead, the speakers–the first in a new line amusingly dubbed the “Illusion Series”–reminds us of A/V equipment from our high school auditorium. But we really shouldn’t complain; at least Snell didn’t produce more floating eyeballs to keep us awake at nights. 

by Mike Yamamoto


Home Theater in a Pool

April 4, 2007

You’ve heard of home theater in a box. Now try home theater in a pool. Apparently, these
Wisconsin home owners weren’t big swimmers–or perhaps even anti-exercise–and decided to drain their indoor pool and convert it into something more couch-potato friendly. The folks over at Electronic House magazine put the
little showcase together, and it has to be one of the more unique looking theaters we’ve seen. Personally, instead of the expensive leather couch, I’d have gone for putting three of four giant beanbags at the deep end, so you could literally dive into your seat.