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Harvey Diamond…Blog Creator & Administrator

January 24, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Harvey Diamond here, and I’m back from a nice looooong break from the blog.
Have you become frustrated with what’s going on in the tech game?   It seems that many manufacturers are often doing one of two things:

 (1) They either rush to release products and software before their competitor(s) and therefore, don’t take the time to test it and make sure it’s really up to par, or…

(2) They don’t bother creating and selling quality products because they feel most people will quickly buy a newer product before they get a chance to realize how much the old one sucks!  Either way, don’t fear – we still have quite a few companies that take the time to provide quality and innovative products. – the kind of things savvy, and even not-so-savvy consumers can depend on.  I’m here to update you on it all.
I know I’ve kept you all waiting long enough, so don’t hesitate to delve into these latest tasty tech topics….



Harvey Diamond…Blog Creator & Administrator

July 12, 2007

We’ve just passed our mark of over 10,000+ hits!!! You know I couldn’t let this milestone pass without dropping some kind words to all those that have logged in, checked us out and submitted comments & questions.   

Just to say thanks, I’ve got free iPhones for everybody!!!  Hahhahahah – just kiddin’, yo.! 

My team and I have worked diligently to stay on top of the latest technology news.  It’s always a challenge, but we’re thankful that you’ve found our work so interesting and useful!  We won’t stop now!  There’s a lot more coming, including….well….we’ll just let you log in and see. 

As always, stay tuned…. 

Here’s looking at you…



June 20, 2007

 Greetings all!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the weather! Geeks and tech junkies gotta have fun too!  So, while I’ve been hanging and enjoying the sun, technology is constantly on the move.  That said, I’ve got alot of updates coming soon.  Stay tuned for the upcoming posts, Tangled Wires TV updates and more.  And don’t forget to drop me a line or too.  A brotha likes to know he’s been missed.